January 19, 2011 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Speaker: Chuck McLaughlin, Fergason Licensing

Title: IP Strategies for the New Decade: The Role of IP in a Maturing Display Market

Abstract:   As the display flat panel market and technology matures, the role of intellectual property is evolving. During the past decade, Chuck McLaughlin has led a successful licensing program for technology and intellectual property related to dynamic contrast ratio inventions made by Dr. James L. Fergason. He will share his current views regarding viable IP strategies for the coming decade. His presentation will cover the following points: · Flat-panel display market and technology trends impacting IP strategy · Major IP players and their strategies · IP monetization paths and expectations · Directions for independent inventors and startups

Speaker Background: Chuck McLaughlin is a founder of and Managing Partner at Fergason Licensing in Menlo Park, CA. Since 2002, Chuck has served as the licensing agent for Fergason Patent Properties (FPP). Working closely with inventor Jim Fergason, Chuck developed a positioning strategy for FPP’s dynamic contrast technology and launched a licensing program that has resulted in licenses with more than 15 major LCD display companies, including Panasonic, LGD, Sharp, Samsung and AUO. In 1993, Chuck founded McLaughlin Consulting Group and built a team of experienced professionals that provide a range of reports and consulting services on electronic displays. Clients include electronics and entertainment system companies, channel participants, and display manufacturers and their suppliers. In 1983, Chuck founded Taliq Corporation to commercialize products based on proprietary polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) technology. The company was one of the pioneering commercial flexible display companies. Chuck led the company as CEO in commercializing both plastic reflective-color displays used in interactive control consoles, and Varilite™ architectural window-shading products. Prior to Taliq, Chuck was the CEO of TASA Corporation, a venture capital-backed startup company that developed control panels using LED displays and capacitive touch-sensing technology. Prior to TASA, Chuck was general manager of Raychem's Aerospace Division, capping a 15-year career at the company. Chuck holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University and an SM in Industrial Management from MIT's Sloan School.


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