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Seven Reasons why January 16th is an Important Date

1.  It’s the date of the Bay-Area SID Chapter’s 2013 One-Day Conference, entitled “Display and Touch Technologies of the Future” and being held at the Sheraton Hotel in Sunnyvale, CA.

2.  The conference includes twelve outstanding session speakers that you really shouldn’t miss:

Company Speaker Position
Corning R&D Manager
Camrios Sr. Director, Business Dev
DuPont Dr. Denis Y. Kondakov Principal Scientist
Elo Touch Solutions Senior Principal Scientist & Fellow
eMagin Senior VP
Intel Senior Touch Technologist
Nanosys CEO
Nouvoyance CEO
Oregon Statue University Prof. John F. Wager Professor, School of EE & CS
QD Vision CTO and Co-Founder
Qualcomm Director, Business Dev
Universal Display Corp. Research Manager

3.  A balanced focus on the future of (1) LCD displays, (2) OLED displays & lighting, (3) Touch and gesture control, and (4) Emerging displays – with a short panel discussion after each section.

4.  A morning keynote by Jeff Han, a General Manager in Microsoft’s Office Division.  Jeff was the founder of Perceptive Pixel before the company was acquired by Microsoft in July 2012, and one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2008.  And before that, Jeff’s talk (and resulting viral video) on multi-touch at the TED Conference in February 2006 (a year before the iPhone!) was the spark that ignited the world’s passion for multi-touch.  He’s an absolutely cannot-miss speaker!

5.  An afternoon keynote by , Intel’s Director of Perceptual Computing Technology and Solutions.  Achin leads a team of 50+ Intel scientists, researchers & engineers focused on next-generation computing solutions based on natural human-computer interaction technologies and applications.  The team’s most recent outputs includes Intel’s free Perceptual Computing SDK and a low-cost Interactive Gesture-Camera Developer Kit. These new products enable the creation of the next generation of immersive, engaging, and innovative software applications that incorporate close-range tracking, speech recognition, facial analysis and 2D/3D object-tracking on PCs. Achin is another cannot-miss speaker!

6.  The conference is a literal bargain at $149 for SID Members, $249 for non-members (the additional $100 buys a one-year SID membership), and $49 for full-time students (including a SID student membership). The price of the ticket includes the evening cocktail networking reception.

7.  It's an excellent opportunity to experience the value of SID membership. Please register and attend!

Evening Cocktail Networking Reception:

This conference has been strategically scheduled to closely follow CES 2013 and also the annual SID program committee meet-up in SFO to encourage both local as well as an international audience.

To provide attendees with ample opportunity to network with the Display and Touch Industry veterans from around the world as well as Silicon Valley technology leaders, we will also host a cocktail networking reception in the evening following the conference at Sheraton Hotel from 5:00-7:00pm, Jan 16th 2013.

This evening reception is INCLUDED in the price of the conference ticket.

Hors d'oeuvres  and drinks will be served.

Jeff Han, Microsoft, to be Keynote Speaker at first ever BA-SID Display and Touch Technologies of the Future Conference (2013)

December 11th, 2012, Sunnyvale---SID Bay Area Chapter is pleased to announce that the morning keynote speaker for the one-day Display and Touch Technologies of the Future Conference 2013, will be Jeff Han, General Manager of Microsoft Office Division, former founder and CEO of Perceptive Pixel.

Jeff Han was the founder, CEO and Chief Scientist at Perceptive Pixel since 2006. He was well known for his demonstration and promotion of multi-touch even in advance of the original Apple iPhone released (2007). Han and Perceptive Pixel was responsible for the technology behind the popular "Magic Wall" on CNN during the 2008 presidential elections. Han was named to Time magazine's 2008 listing of the 100 Most Influential People in The World. His company was acquired by Microsoft mid 2012. In the keynote, Mr. Han will discuss the touch screen and gesture control industry's trends as well as the challenges and future of touch technologies.

This one-day conference will be held on Jan 16th, 2013, at the Sheraton Hotel, 1100 N. Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, California. It will feature industry experts speaking about several of the hottest topics of our display industry, including: LCD display new trends, OLED displays and lighting, touch and gesture control, oxide TFTs and other emerging displays.

To be a sponsor, please contact conference co-chair: Ms. Rashmi Rao, ScD,

There are still 1 open speaking slot, so if you are interested in speaking at this event please contact conference co-chair: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, .

For an detailed updated agenda, please click this link.

To register, please click here.

Conference Name: Display and Touch Technologies of the Future

Date: January 16, 2013

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Conference Co-Chairs:
Dr. Jennifer Colegrove
Ms. Rashmi Rao, ScD

To register, please click here.

Event Location
Sheraton/FAZ Hotel
1108 North Mathilda Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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