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 Welcome to the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society for Information Display

January 2006 Event


One Day Focused Technical and Business Conference

  • LED Lighting
  • LCD Backlighting
  • Microdisplay Illumination
  • RPTV Displays
  • Color Field Sequential
  • Pocket Projectors
  • Goggles/Eyewear Displays
  • Heads-Up Displays

Venue: Costa Mesa Country Club, Costa Mesa, California

Date: January 13, 2006 8AM-4:30PM (Registration & Breakfast 7:00AM / Ending 5:00)

State of the art and the fundamentals of high-brightness LEDs and non-imaging optics (NIO), provide the background for further technical papers that will cover the latest information in the use of LEDs (White & RGB) in applications with: micro to large scale non-emissive displays. Display applications that will be covered include microdisplays (goggles to RPHDTVs/LCoS to MEMS), LCDs (from small-diagonal color STN to large-screen AMLCD panels with expanded color gamut); direct view & projection, including color field-sequential imaging (CSFI).

Final Program: (Subject to change without notice, check our web site: https://sidchapters.org/la/)



Breakfast: Continental Style: At the Costa Mesa Country Club (Free Parking). Excellent chance to Wake-Up and Network with fellow professionals in Information Display Technologies.



“LEDs In Displays” Opening Remarks: Conference opening remarks and presentation covering the SID LA Chapter, Conference Agenda & Questionaire, and the technology Of LEDs In Displays. Dr.. Larry Tannus, Chairman of the SID LA Chapter & Bill Kennedy, Chairman of the “LEDs In Displays” Conference.



“Fundamentals Of High-Brightness LEDs”: History & Materials Science of H-B LED Technologies, including Phosphides (Red), Nitrides (Blue & Green), White Photo-Conversion & Other Aspects (performance, efficiencies, photometric phenomena, color matching, etc.) About This Emerging Illumination Source For Non-Emissive Displays. Dr. Eric Bretschneider, Ph.D.


Dr. Eric Bretschneider received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1997.  His graduate work focused on MOCVD growth of wide band gap II-VI materials for optoelectronic applications and low temperature silicon growth.  His work culminated in the production of the world’s first crystalline silicon, visible MQW LED.  After leaving the University of Florida, Dr. Bretschneider joined Emcore’s Electronic Materials division where he was responsible for transition and start up of MOCVD processes (InSb magneto-resistive devices, AlGaAs solar cells, AlInGaP LEDs) into an ISO 9000 manufacturing environment.  At Emcore, he also pioneered development of cost of ownership models for MOCVD manufacturing. In 1998 he joined Uniroyal Optoelectronics where he was responsible for design, specification and start up of the MOCVD growth and materials characterization facilities.  In 2001 he was promoted to Director of Intellectual Properties, Universities Relations and Government Contracts.  At Uniroyal, he was also responsible for all radiometric and photometric characterization and analysis of LEDs and LED products, including color rendering measurements for solid-state lighting (SSL). Over the years, he has worked in all technical aspects of LED manufacturing.  In late 2004, he joined Toyoda Gosei North America as an Assistant Sales Manger.  Dr. Bretschneider has authored or co-authored over 30 journal and conference papers.


"The Importance of Non-Imaging Optics (NIO) and Optical Microstructures for LEDs & Non-Emissive Displays" Primary Total Internal Reflection (TIR) To Secondary Optics For Effective Light Capture, Collimation & Shaping From Macro to Micro-Miniature Technologies Requisite For High Performance Non-Emissive Displays. Dr.David Pelka, Ph.D.


Dr. Pelka has conducted numerous research products including work at University of California at Riverside in Solid State Physics (Low Temperature Phenomena); Northrop University Physics Department, Los Angeles, CA. in Solar Thermal Energy Conversion (sponsored by DoE and Southern California Gas Company), Photovoltaics (sponsored by Southern California Edison Company), Radiation Concentration and Radiation (sponsored by the Gas Research Institute.); as well as industrial consulting to major Aerospace and DoD Agencies, including: Holographic Technology Applied to Radiation Concentration (sponsored by DoE); Laser Hardening and High Efficiency Optical Filters (sponsored by U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army); Thermophotovoltaic Systems and Direct Energy Conversion (sponsored by Southern California Gas Company). Dr. Pelka also founded the Research/Engineering Division for National Technical Systems (NTS); helped found Physical Optics Corporation (POC) in January of 1986 (appointed Vice President); and founded TIR Technologies, Inc. (TIR) in February of 1992 to pursue work related to LED lighting systems and LCD backlights. TIR was acquired by Teledyne Industries in March of 1997. In May of 2002, founded Pelka and Associates, Inc., where he presently serves as President and whose primary business is solid state lighting technology and micro and nano structured optical film products. Dr. Pelka holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Physics from the University of California at Riverside, CA (Solid State Physics), and a B.S. in Physics from California State University at Los Angeles, CA. Fellowships & Awards include Smithsonian Computer World Medal, The Outstanding Professor (Northrop University), National Defense Fellowship and the Ebell Fellowship. Dr. Pelka has published well over 30 papers and documents and holds over 30 patents. Dr. Pelka is one of the early pioneers and originators of Non-Imaging Optics (NIO).


Mid-Morning Break (20 Minutes)


“LED Lighting of LCDs & Microdisplays”: Latest White & RGB LED Lighting Technology For Full Color Microdisplays & LCDs, Including Information On The Types Of Displays (LCoS, Transmissive, Reflective, MEMS, etc) & LED Lighting Techniques, Including Color Field Sequential Imaging, For Direct View & Projection Products. Dr. Munisamy Anandan, Ph.D

Dr. Anandan is the President and CEO of Organic Lighting Technologies LLC, Austin, Texas, focusing on the development of Organic Light Emitting Diode backlight for full color cell phone LCD. Prior to forming the new company Anandan worked extensively in the following areas: (1) OLED full color Microdisplay with eMagin Corp., (2) plasma display with Bell Communications Research (3) Compact fluorescent lamp for consumer lighting with Matsushita Electric (4) FED with FED Corp (5) Fluorescent based LCD backlighting with Thomas Electronics (6) LCD with Bharath Electronics, India. He has numerous publications, patents and awards in these areas, including the R&D 100 Award in 1992. He served as Vice-President of Americas Region for two terms and is responsible for introducing various new programs in the region, including the First ‘Americas Conference on Display Engineering & Applications (ADEAC)’, to enhance SID activity. He is currently serving as Secretary of SID. He received SID President’s Certificate of commendation thrice for his services to SID. Other SID activities include active role as a Chair of New Chapter Formation & Support, member in the Display System sub committee of SID Symposium for the past seven years, Associate Editor on plasma displays for three years, Guest Editor on LCD backlighting twice and seminar speaker on LCD backlighting for four years.


“Lighting Full Color LCDs With LEDs For Small Portable Appliances”: From Cell Phones To PDAs To Smart Phones To iPods, Color LCD Displays & LEDs Are Synonymous, Steve Yeung


Mr. Yeung has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of commercial electronic products design, qualification and production. Much of this experience has been and continues to be focused upon computer peripherals and hand-held appliances that incorporate man-machine interfaces including key-sets and displays. Steve has worked for several notable companies in this filed, including: HP, Handspring and Palm. Steve has been the cognizant engineer for a variety of sophisticated products, including: digitizer tablets, computer terminals, interactive TV appliances, pen digitizers, multimedia communications systems, flat panel displays (LCD, FED, OLED, Microdisplays), PDA and Smartphone sub-system and system designs. Mr. Yeung established and led the Display Technology Center within HP’s CQT (Component Quality and Technology) that encompassed all display related technologies (CRT, FPD, Interface electronics and standards). DTC also provided FPD metrology and consultancy services for HP businesses on all FPD display technologies and applications and worked closely with HP Labs and display suppliers on HP display related researches and projects. Steve is currently the Senior Hardware Engineer at Palm Inc., who is the technical lead on all current and future display technologies for the company’s products, and is Responsible for all technical issues throughout the life cycle of Palm’s product displays, from product definition to post production quality issues. Mr. Yeung is co-inventor of two US Patents (No. 5,654,529, “Stylus-Input Computing System with Erasure”, granted on August 5, 1997; No. 5,949,408, “Dual orientation display handheld computer devices”, granted on September 7, 1999) and received his BS in Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario Canada where he was the Recipient of the Chancellor’s Scholarship Award.


Lunch Break (1 Hour & 15 Minutes)



“LCoS Microdisplays With LED Lighting For Virtual & Projection Display Applications”: Near-To-Eye & Rear Projection Displays With Gen II LCoS & LEDs For Latest Generation Applications. Miller Schuck, Brillian Corporation


Dr. Schuck has worked in the area of optical engineering for over a decade. His time has been spread between various companies, such as Ford Motor Company and leading-edge technology companies Zight, InPhase Technologies and Brillian Corporation (formerly Three-Five Systems). Currently Dr. Schuck is the Principal Engineer at Brillian responsible for research, design, and development aspects of all Near-to-Eye optical and opto-mechanical products. Miller also supports the Projection Systems activities at Brillian that encompass 1080p RPTV products. Dr. Schuck’s many accomplishments encompass a variety of products and demonstrators, including: LCoS/ LED Scope illuminators; Monocular optical engines for HMD’s and video viewfinders; Binocular HMDs; Electronic camera viewfinders; Miniature LCoS front projector with RGB LED illumination; LCoS HUD; and coherent optical systems for holographic data storage. Dr Schuck’s LED-based illumination systems designs utilize non- imaging optics techniques and have incorporated prisms, CPC's, TIR lenses, polarizers and beamsplitters to maintain precise polarization, high efficiency, and compact packaging. Dr. Schuck is also currently participating in USDC projects researching solid- state light sources for projection applications. Dr. Schuck has published numerous papers for various organizations including SID, SPIE, IEEE/LEOS, OSA and others. Dr. Schuck has participated in 7 granted patents and has a number of filings pending. Miller received his BS and MS in EE from The University of Michigan and his PhD from the University of Colorado, Optoelectronic Computing Systems Center.


“Large Format Color LCDs With LED Lighting For Fixed Use Applications”: From 7” Diagonal & Larger Display Formats For Avionics & Commercial Applications With Fast Response White & RGB LED Lighting. Robert Smith-Gillespie: President Flat Panel Display & Design


Robert Smith-Gillespie is President and principle of FPD Design & Consulting LLC (FPD) based in Eugene, Oregon.  FPD provides LCD display product design and development services specializing in the integration of commercial display components into customer specified products.  Engineering work includes optical development of enhanced backlight systems for OEM displays; conceptual and detail design of display products for mobile applications, and expert witness on LCD mechanical and backlight litigation.  Clients include Dupont Display Solutions, International Aeorspace Products, Driven Technologies, E3 Innovation, Inc., QSDM, Inc., CruiseCam, Inc., and others.  He also serves as North American sales and engineer for French display test equipment manufacturer, ELDIM (high-end photometric and imaging colorimeter display test systems).   Prior to founding FPD, Robert worked for various display product development companies including: Rosen Products LLC, Three-Five Systems, Inc., and Honeywell, Air Transport Systems Division.  In these roles his responsibilities included mechanical and optical design of the primary flight displays for the Boeing 777 airplane (Honeywell), consumer product display and backlight integration (TFS), automotive and aviation entertainment display product design (Rosen).  Robert has extensive experience with LCDs and ancillary components including: all types of LCD technology (AMLCD, STN, FSTN); LCD backlight unit design and integration (ex: EL, LED, and CCFL); lighting design, photometry/colorimetry, optical materials, diffusers, light pipes and color filters. Robert received a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University, and a BA in Physics from State University of New York.  He is also a member of SID, SAE, PSIA, is widely published (ALI, SID, Velocity, IEEE, SPIE) and received the Honeywell Technical Achievement Award. 



Mid-Afternoon Break (20 Minutes)


“LED Illuminated Microdisplay-Based Head-Mounted Displays & LEDs In Microdisplay RPTVs”: Rugged, Portable, Heads-Up Viewers For Industry, Medicine, Aerospace, Law Enforcement & Home Applications & The Latest In LED Illuminated Microdisplay-based Big Screen RPTV Technology. Stephen Marsland, Sr. Partner, McLaughlin Consulting Group


Mr. Marsland has completed multiple studies covering personal (head-mounted) displays, microdisplay-based rear-projection TVs, microdisplays globally and various custom projects covering display components, technologies and markets. He is also fluent in Japanese and helps start-ups forge and sustain win-win relationships with Japanese firms. Mr. Marsland attended Japan’s prestigious Keio University and was a Japan Society Fellow. He is a published author on Japanese management, including multiple Harvard Business School case studies. Mr. Marsland brings significant practical business experience to his job, having worked for 20 years in Fortune 500 companies. He has twice been a division manager, once for the Tru Vue Division of Apogee Enterprises, and once for the Interconnect Components Division of Tyco (formerly Raychem Corporation). His dramatic turnaround of the ICD Division of Tyco was the subject of a Harvard Business School case study. Mr. Marsland holds an MBA, with honors, from Harvard Business School.


“LEDs In TVs & Desk-Top Monitors” Market Perspectives & Directions: LEDs are becoming more important for lighting everything from Video Camera View Finders to Rear Projection TVs. What does it mean & where is it going? Chris Connery, DisplaySearch


Chris Connery is Vice President of Monitor Market Research at DisplaySearch. He joins the company with ten years of experience in LCD computer displays, including a wide range of responsibilities in product development, line management, and marketing. He was most recently the director of marketing and product management for NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display where he helped establish their market-driven product, channel, and market segmentation strategies for both the NEC and Mitsubishi brands of LCD and CRT computer monitors. Chris was responsible for strategies in new large-format LCD display applications such as digital signage and flight information displays. While there, he managed products both developed internally, and outsourced from Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese manufacturers. Previously, He was the LCD monitor product line manager for the market leader, NEC Technologies, where he helped create the early LCD desktop monitor market. Before NEC Technologies, Chris served as the portable computer group product manager for Zenith Data Systems' notebook computers and related peripherals, including the first removable LCD computer displays. He began his career in the value added reseller channel with Veritechnology Electronics (Heath/Zenith), where he held positions in systems engineering and marketing support. Chris graduated from the University of Notre Dame.


“LEDs In Displays” Conference: Closing Remarks & Questionaire Collection: Bill Kennedy


  • Chapter Chairman: Larry Tannas,
  • Conference Chairman: Bill Kennedy,
  • General Inquiries, Publicity & Conference Registration: Erv Ulbrich,

Costa Mesa Country Club
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Local Accommodations: A wide range of local Costa Mesa Hotels are nearby, including:

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Quality Excellence Award Winner

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Robert Schmahl
Society for Information Display
LA Chapter

Dear Mr. Schmahl,

It was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday. Thank you for considering the Holiday Inn Costa Mesa for your Group. We are conveniently located within walking distance of South Coast Plaza, 1 mile away from the John Wayne Airport and approximately 2 miles from the Costa Mesa Country Club making us an ideal location for your travelers! Based on your requirements we are pleased to propose the following for your consideration:










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