Article 2 - MEMBERSHIP
Article 3 - DUES AND FEES
Article 7 - FINANCES
Article 8 - MEETINGS
Article 9 - AMENDMENTS

1. The name of this organization is, "The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society for Information Display," hereinafter called the Chapter.
2. The purposes of this chapter shall be:
  a. To support the activities and purposes of the parent organization, the Society for Information Display, hereinafter called the SID.
  b. To encourage and contribute to the scientific and educational advancement in the field of information display and to promote its use.
  c. To provide forums for the exchange and dissemination of ideas and knowledge relating to the field of information display.
  d. To conduct all activities without pecuniary profit for Chapter officers or members. Any balance of money or assets remaining after the full payment of Chapter obligations of all and any kinds shall be devoted solely to the above state purposes.
3. Chapter functions and activities shall be, in general, carried out in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.
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Article 2 - MEMBERSHIP
1. Grades and Qualifications
  a Any member of the SID parent body may request to be a member of the Chapter. Normally, a member who resides in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Alaska shall be a member of the Chapter. A member of the Chapter shall hold the same grade in the Chapter as is accorded by the SID.
2. Privileges
  a. All members may hold office, vote, serve on nominating committees or participate in committee work. Sustaining Members (companies) and Student Members may not hold office, vote, nor serve on Nominating Committees. All chapter members shall have equal privileges including but not limited to the right to:
    i. Vote for officers, amendments, and additions to the bylaws and on such other Chapter business as requires polling of the members.
    ii. Hold offices and membership in Committees.
    iii. Receive all notices of general Chapter functions.
    iv. Attend all meetings of the Chapter.
  b. Non-members
    i. Non-members are specifically excluded from holding office, voting on Chapter matters, or membership on committees.
    ii. Non-members may participate in business meetings only by express invitation of the Board of Officers or by a vote of the members at a business meeting, and then only when their presence and participation is pertinent to the business of the Chapter.
    iii. Non-members may be invited to all Chapter meetings of a technical or social nature, as guests of a Chapter member, or by general notice of the Chapter function except that such non-members may be required to pay registration, admission, dining, or other fees as deemed fair by the Board of Officers to help defray the expense of the meeting.
3. Termination
  a. Membership in the Chapter may be terminated only for one or more of the following reasons:
    i. Voluntary withdrawal by the member by means of written notice to the Chapter.
    ii. Non-payment of SID dues.
    iii. Voluntary withdrawal due to relocation to another geographical area.
    iv. For cause: Such as misuse of Chapter facilities, or name, or other such activity which brings disrepute to the Chapter or parent body, the SID.
  b. Upon approval of two-thirds of the membership who cast a ballot, the Chapter shall recommend to the Membership Committee of the SID, that it take appropriate action to effect termination of membership.
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Article 3 - DUES AND FEES
1. Each Chapter member shall pay dues annually to the SID in accordance with his/her SID grade. No chapter dues are required.
2. Fees, if any, for attendance at technical meetings or other Chapter activities shall be established by the Board of Officers. Chapter members in good standing may be granted preferential fees.
3. The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be from January 1 to December 31 of the same year.
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1. The elected Board of Officers of the Chapter shall be Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers together with the Chapter Director shall constitute the Executive Committee. No Officer may serve in any specific office more than three (3) consecutive one-year terms.
2. As required by the SID Bylaws, the Chapter shall elect a Director who shall represent the Chapter at the SID Board of Directors meetings. The Director elected to serve as Chapter representative shall serve for three (3) years.
3. Any Chapter member in good standing at the time of nomination, who also holds the SID grade of Member, Fellow, Life Member, or Life Fellow, is eligible for each office.
4. The duties and authority for each office are as follows:
  a. Chair: The Chair shall be the principal executive officer of the Chapter and shall supervise and control the business and affairs of the Chapter. The Chair shall, when present, preside at all general business meetings of the Chapter. The Chair may sign in the place of the Secretary or Treasurer any bank checks, contracts, or other instruments which the Board of Officers has authorized to be executed, and in general shall perform all duties incidental to the office of Chair. The Chair shall be responsive to the wishes of the Board of Officers in the performance of such additional duties as may be requested by the Board from time-to-time. The Chair may also appoint members of the Program and Membership Committees.
  b. Co-Chair: In the absence of the Chair or such person's inability or refusal to act, the Co-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair and when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions on the Chair. The Co-Chair shall perform such other duties as from time-to-time may be assigned by the Chair or by the Board of Officers.
  c. Secretary: The Secretary shall:
    i. Keep a book of minutes of all general business meetings of the Chapter, and all meetings of the Board of Officers or Executive Committee. Minutes of Board meetings shall include the time and place of holding, whether regular or special, and if special, how authorized, the notice thereof given, the names of those present or represented at members' meetings, and the proceedings thereof.
    ii. See that all notices are given in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws.
    iii. Be custodian of the Chapter's records. .
    iv. Perform such other correspondence within and external to the Chapter.
    v. In general, perform all duties incidental to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned from time-to-time by the Chair or by the Board of Officers.
  d. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:
    i. Keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the Chapter's properties and business transactions.
    ii. Have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the Chapter, and deposit all such funds in the name of the Chapter in such depositories as shall be selected in accordance with Article 7 of these bylaws.
    iii. Provide financial information as required to SID and request a chapter rebate as established by the SID bylaws and SID Board of Directors.
    iv. In general perform all the duties incidental to the office of Treasurer, and such other duties as from time-to-time may be assigned by the Chapter Chair or the Board of Officers.
5. Vacancies on the Board of Officers and the Chapter Director, other than the Chair, shall be filled by temporary appointment by the Executive Committee. Elections to fill such unexpired terms may be held or not at the discretion of, and in a manner determined by the Executive Committee. The Co-Chair shall succeed to the office of Chair in the event of the Chair's resignation, extended absence, or inability or refusal to act. In the case of inability or refusal to act, as determined by vote of the Executive Committee, the Chapter membership shall be notified in writing of the circumstances and resulting actions.
6. Voting on Chapter matters shall normally be accomplished during meetings attended by a majority (3) of the Chapter officers. In the event that a meeting of the majority of the officers cannot be held in a timely manner, voting via mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail may be held if approved in advance by a majority of the officers. Complete records of the vote in the form of minutes or hard copy of letters concerning outcome of the voting must be placed in the Chapter records by the Secretary or other board members and distributed to all members of the Executive Committee.
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1. Candidates for each elected office may be selected by a Nominating Committee after due deliberation as to qualifications and willingness to serve, if elected. An opportunity will be provided for nominations, and statements of qualification of nominees, from the floor in addition to recommendations made by the Nominating Committee. This shall occur at a regular chapter meeting at which time the announcement of nominees by the Nominating Committee is made. The Secretary will mail ballots to all qualified members in good standing. The completed ballot must be returned to the Board within 30-days after mailing. Legible write-in votes will be considered valid.
2. Counting of the votes will be made by the Executive Committee in time to permit installation of newly elected officers. A plurality of the legal votes cast for each office will be sufficient to elect to the office. In case of ties, the tie will be broken by special election.
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1. The following committees, as a minimum, are recommended: Nominating Committee, Membership Committee, and Program Committee. The Chairs of these committees may be appointed by the Chapter Chair with concurrence of the Executive Committee.
2. Nominating Committee
  a. The Chair of the Nominating Committee and two additional committee members shall be appointed.
  b. The Nominating Committee shall select a slate of candidates for office. These recommendations shall be incorporated with those nominations made from the floor at a regular monthly meeting and presented as a slate to the Chapter body in good standing for balloting.
  c. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to be judicious and insightful in the preparation of the slate which would meet the needs of the Chapter. The nominating slate shall not include individuals who:
    i. have an existing direct manager-employee association,
    ii. have a direct company-client relationship, or
    iii. have a close personal relationship including, but not limited to, being related, living together, or working closely together. Additionally, the Nominating Committee will conduct the election balloting as described in Article 5.
3. Membership Committee The Membership Committee may conduct membership drives, encourage membership applications and maintain and recommend standards of membership consistent with SID and Chapter Bylaws.
4. Program Committee The Program Committee may:
  a. recommend the technical programs and activities to be conducted,
  b. recommend a specific time and place of meetings,
  c. establish and submit for approval by the Board of Officers a program budget, and
  d. arrange for facilities, agenda, publicity and all other necessary matters pertinent to the business-like and professional management of meetings.
5. Other committee chairs not described above may from time-to-time be appointed by the Chapter Chair.
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Article 7 - FINANCES
1. All funds of the Chapter, other than petty cash, shall be kept in recognized banking or savings institutions, Expenditures of funds in excess of $100 for any single transaction shall have the approval of the Executive Committee. Below that amount, a board member's signature shall be sufficient. All expenditures shall fall within the general guidelines approved by the Board of Officers. Expenditures incurred by the Board members or committee members can be re-imbursed by the Chapter upon a written expense report submitted to the Chapter Treasurer and approved by the Treasurer.
2. The books of account shall be open to inspection by the Executive Committee and the SID Treasurer. The books of account shall be audited annually and upon change of the Treasurer or at the end of his term. The types and methods of recording in these books shall be in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Officers.
3. Funds and real property of the Chapter shall revert to the SID upon the dissolution of the Chapter.
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Article 8 - MEETINGS
1. There shall be at least one general business meeting conducted each fiscal year. This meeting shall be held at a time and place recommended by the Executive Committee.
2. A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business. A majority of the quorum shall be sufficient to approve any motion.
3. Meetings of a technical or informative nature shall be held in keeping with the objectives of the SID and as arranged by the Program Committee.
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Article 9 - AMENDMENTS
1. Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by petition from a majority of the Executive Committee, or ten percent of the chapter membership in good standing. The Chapter Secretary shall mail the proposed Amendments, within 60 days of receipt, to the general chapter membership with a ballot for ratification. An approval of a simple majority of the ballots cast by the membership shall be necessary for ratification.
2. Ballots are to be returned to the Executive Committee within 30-days of the ballot mailing. The Executive Committee will count the ballots and certify the approval or disapproval of the proposed Amendments. A record of the vote shall be made in the Secretary's Chapter records. When an amendment is ratified, all members shall be notified within 30-days.
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