Idea Contest

Advanced Display Technologies &
Image Processing


1.                  Innovative Solution/Technology Name

Brief title with key-words


2.                  Application

Technology application area


3.                  Developerís Data

Applicant(s) name(s), scientific degrees, positions and detail contact information


4.                  Developerís Company

Company/Institute name, address, brief profile and detail contact information


5.                  Description of solution/technology

Condensed, though informative description of the proposed solution/technology including its novelty and relevance


6.                  Core Technology

Major distinctive core technologies used


7.                  Advantages

Brief description of major advantages of the proposed solution/technology in comparison with available solutions


8.                  Prototype and sample availability

Possibility of sample manufacturing or purchasing of samples


9.                  Intellectual Property

Available patents, patentability, plans for filing new patents, etc.


10.              References & Details

Related publications, patents, documents, presentations, samples, etc