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How to start a new chapter
Formation of a new SID chapter requires demonstration of:

(1) sufficient interest/support by potential local members (evidenced by a list of signatures, survey data, etc.), sponsors (shown by letters from
several supportive industrial and/or academic institutions), and leaders
(indicated by a list of candidates willing to serve as chapter officers and
director), and
(2) diligence/commitment expressed as a plan for the first-year program of technical meetings and proposed chapter bylaws consistent with SID Bylaws (as verified by Bylaws Chair).

The Chapter Formation Committee will facilitate the preparation of the petition and, in consultation with the appropriate Regional VP, determine whether/when to submit it to the Board.

SID Policies and Procedures (5/17/98)

Our Current Chapter Formation Chair is Zvi Yaniv
email .

Last Updated - 10/2010


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