Seminar Archive - 2012

May 16, 2012 6-7 p.m.

Speaker: Gary Mandle, Senior Product Manager, Sony Electronics

Title: Display Technologies Used for Film and Video Production

Abstract: Since the inception of television entertainment, only one primary display technology has been used in media-production applications: the cathode-ray tube. For almost 75 years, CRT technology has been the only acceptable means of viewing and mastering images for theatrical feature-film and television broadcasting. However, CRT devices are rapidly becoming unproduceable due to economic and environmental issues. While new technologies are now being used to display content in these applications, not all of the new technologies have been able to match the performance of CRTs. Even today, many production companies are still using CRT displays, and film creators are just now starting to feel comfortable with electronic acquisition and display.

This presentation will describe the applications and requirements for displays used for entertainment-media production. Using the latest Sony professional monitors as an example, the advantages and weaknesses of using OLEDs in these applications will be covered, along with OLED operation, performance, and construction. Other (future) display technologies currently under development will also be described. The presentation will conclude with a demonstration and side-by-side comparison between reference displays using CRT, LCD and OLED technologies.

Speaker Biography: Gary Mandle has worked in the Sony Gary Mandle PhotoProfessional Solutions Group for more than 27 years doing development and marketing of new display products. The technologies on which he has worked include CRT, SXRD (LCoS), LCD, and now OLED. His current focus is on Sony's OLED products intended for video & film production and post-production applications. Gary has written several journal articles and papers, including an article on monitor calibration that appeared in the April 2012 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. Gary's other work areas include the design of camera image-stabilization systems, including the invention of the semiconductor-based stabilizer system called "Steady Shot" that is used in most Sony-branded cameras, and CCD-sensor development where he holds multiple patents on processes for increasing imager dynamic range. Gary's professional memberships include SMPTE, CIE, IEEE, SID and OSA.

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