2011 Archives

January 19, 2011 IP Strategies for the New Decade: The Role of IP in a Maturing Display Market
  Chuck McLaughlin, Fergason Licensing
February 16, 2011 The Nanosys Quantum Dot Solution for LED Backlighting
  Dr. Jian Chen, Director of Device Technologies at Nanosys
March 16, 2011 AMOLED Displays: Current Developments and Reckless Predictions
  Ken Werner, Principal, Nutmeg Consultants
April 20, 2011 Electronic Paper
  Sriram K. Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer, E Ink Holdings
No May meeting due to Displayweek in LA
June 9, 2011 3D Sony 4K at Mercado 20
  Rich Reames, Sony; Pete Ludé, Sony; Tim Mundorff, Sony
July 20, 2011 Moving the User Experience Beyond 2D
  Philip J. Corriveau, Principal Engineer, Intel Labs
August 19, 2011 Annual Dinner - Hubble Space Telescope
  Ron Sheffield, former Manager of Extravehicular Activity and Crew Systems
September 21, 2011 ClearOhm™ -- A Transparent Conductive Material Alternative to ITO
  Michael Spaid, Ph.D., Vice-President of Product Development, Cambrios Technologies Corp.
October 19, 2011 Novel Emissive Projection Display on Fully Transparent and Black Screens
  Ted Sun, Ph.D., Founder, Sun Innovations
November 9, 2011 The ICDM International Display Measurement Standard - SID's First Standard
  Joe Miseli, Principal Engineer and Display Technologist, Oracle
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