Seminar Archive - 2011

November 9, 2011 6-7 p.m.

Speaker: Joe Miseli, Principal Engineer and Display Technologist, Oracle

Title: The ICDM International Display Measurement Standard - SID's First Standard

The ICDM (International Committee for Display Metrology) is the first standards development group within SID. This is the same metrology group who wrote the FPDM (Flat Panel Display Measurement standard) for VESA. Now that the group is part of SID, the ICDM is working on the final stages of the most comprehensive display measurement standard yet produced, the IDMS (International Display Measurement Standard). The standard defines metrology for a number of new areas, including 3D/stereo, motion artifacts measurements and assessment, temporal measurements never standardized before, dynamic contrast, front projector and projection-screen metrics, many grayscale and color-scale metrics, touch screens, expanded metrology for ambient contrast and other reflection measurements…and much more! The IDMS catalogs standardized methods to characterize displays of almost every type, with a range of measurements from common parameters often used to market displays, to state-of-the-art methods which capture important operating characteristics that have never had standardized quantification methods. In addition to the standardized measurements, the IDMS includes information on analysis methods applied to measurements, tutorials, overviews, metrology discussions, tables, references and a glossary, hundreds of metrology and reference items all within one cover. Joe’s presentation will consists of an overview of the ICDM and the IDMS standard, along with brief descriptions of some of the specialized areas included in the standard. If you have any interest in measuring and evaluating the quality of displays, don’t miss this meeting!

Speaker Background
Joe Miseli was with Sun Microsystems since 1986, which became part of Oracle in 2010. He is currently a Principal Engineer and Display Technologist at Oracle. He was responsible for engineering the first LCD products for Sun and was involved in a number of notable display developments for Sun monitors. Joe, a Senior SID member, is currently the Chairman of the SID Definitions and Standards Committee and Chairman of the ICDM. He was a founding member of the FPDM group within VESA and was Chairman of the FPDM when it departed from VESA in 2007. Joe has authored a number of papers, publications, and presentations at SID, IMID, IDW and various other display industry venues, and has approximately 12 display-related patents.

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